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SUMMER course in 2020

 Special course for Beginners!

Why don't you study Japanese Language with us?

You can communicate with local people in the country side

aud learn communicative Japanese at our school.

Summer Course

for Beginners

You learn basic Japanese in this course.

This course prepares you to  hold simple conversations related to your life, such as your family, hobby and experiences.

Course Period (4 weeks*)

  June Course

 1st June 2020 ~ 26th June 2020

  July Course

 6th July 2020 31st July 2020

*We recommend you to study for 4 weeks to improve your Japanese. However, if you don't have enough time,

please consult with us for your ideal period as we will try

our best to accommodate you request (ex. 3 weeks, etc).

Course fee


 125,000yen / 4weeks

Contents ( Inculuded in course fee )
  ■Japanese classes in class room or outdoor  

    ( 15classes per week )
  ■Activities ( 2times per week )
  ■Weekend Activities ( 1time per 4weeks )


Contents( Not inculuded in course fee )
  ■Various types of local activities ( with additional fees  


  ※For more details please refer to the schedule below.  


  We offer 3 Japanese classes a day from Monday to Friday in the morning.

  You can join some activities in the afternoon and weekend without additional fees.

Sample schedule


Class:Speaking , Listening ,Grammer , Vocabulary ,

             Writing , Reading

Class★:Shopping , Interview outdoor , Presentation ,

                Listening to music , Making a flyer ets

Activities : BBQ , Sightseeing , Izakaya , Cooking ,

                  Agricultural experience ets
Weekend Activities:Excursion(Shirakawago , Toyama ets)

■Classes are held in the time below.

 1st class:9:10-10:00 , 2nd class 10:10-11:00 ,

    3rd class 11:10-12:00

If you pay additional fees , you can join aditional

  local activities at your free time.

Class requirement

Must be able to read and write "Hiragana".


Can hold simple conversations related to your daily life.


 We offer shared houses at reasonable price.

 To know the details, please refer to 


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