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Live like a local and learn Japanese
in the Japanese countryside !

The best part of our school is that our students can learn

communicative Japanese by interacting with local people

in such a beautiful environmet.



We specialize in

short-term study.



Small class with kind teachers maximizes your learning .


You can learn Japanese

with real situation.


You can focus on studying surrounded

by beautiful nature.

You can enjoy various types of local activities.


We fully support your life here in English.




Ayumi Nokubi

When I was a teenager , I went to Canada on working holiday visa. I was asked about Japanese language by a Canadian friend, but I was confused and couldn't explain properly. As a Japanese I realized that I need to learn more about the Japanese language and Japanese culture. At the same time,I though that I wanted to be a Japanese language teacher.
In this school , I want you to learn not only Japanese language , but also Japanese culture.

<Favorite local place>

I like walking around a row of White-walled Storehouses, and at Setogawa Canal in Hida Furukawa.The scenery is very beautiful , so I recommend you to take pictures there.
There are more than 1,000 carps in the canal , and it's a good experience for you to feed the carps.



Hida Japanese Language & Culture School ("HJCS") is operated by HIDAIIYO LLC.

HIDAIIYO is a well-known local company and one of the leading companies in the Japanese inbound tourism industry, specializing in "Local Experience."
We are committed to Hida / Takayama region in a long term in order to revitalize local communities through sustainable businesses, leading to positive social impact on the Japanese society and beyond.

To proceed to next step, we opened this school on June in 2019.

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